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Safe Piercing

Piercing Information

We are proud to say that we have a member of the Association of Professional Piercers on staff. Click SAFEPIERCING.ORG to learn more about the association.


 Piercing Standards

Please remember that there are no regulations for Tattoo and Piercing and therefore not all studios are the same.  Any studio doing piercings should meet the standards listed below, and if they can not we would not suggest getting a piercing at that studio. Be aware of what is being put into your body. Only IMPLANT GRADE metals should be use and there should be metal certificates to prove what is being used.  Listed below are acceptable materials to be pierced with, which do not include surgical steel as that is what instruments should be made of. Not what is staying in your body. Example of what the jewelry must look like is listed on our piercing portfolio page. As well, please do call if you have any questions regarding body piercing or jewelry

Jewelry being placed in new piercings must be made of one of the following materials:


-Surgical Implant Stainless Steel. 316LVM ASTM-F138. Which meets American and International Standards for Implant Grade Steel.

-Surgical Implant Grade Titanium. Including Ti6A4V ELI, ASTM F-136.

**Jewelry should have a finish which is free of nicks, scratches, burrs, and polishing compounds.

**The Jewelry must have a mirror finish: High Shine, Super Smooth Surface








Barbells Vs Rings

A common myth of body piercing is that it is better to pierce with rings. This is in fact untrue. Rings cause the area that they are pierced with to deform due to the movement of the ring where as barbells stay in one place. As well, piercing establishments which pierce with rings will recommend that you rotate your piercing; this is not recommended and will harm the healing process of your piercing. Rotating your piercing will actually re-open the wound and prolong healing. This will also allow bacteria to enter your new piercing with the chance of rotating the crust into your piercing. Barbells being stationary allow the tissue to heal up without causing irritation to the area.

This page is not meant to put down other piercing establishments. Its purpose is to inform the customer on what they should expect from their piercing and piercer.

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