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Safe Piercing


Piercings by Golden Horseshoe Tattoo

  • For most piercings you must be 16 and have proper ID to prove it
  • For advanced and genital piercings you must be 18 and provide proper photo ID
  • We now offer some piercings to those as young as 14 and require ID from parent and child. We require ID with picture and name and name and birthdate. So student ID card and birth certificate will work.The piercings we offer at that age are restricted to navel, nostril, ear lobe and upper ear.

The piercing fee (this cost only includes the set up not jewelry) is $40. Jewelry is on top of this price

Cost of jewelry is additional to the piercing fee.

We do this to offer you a better selection of jewelry to fit your budget

If you have questions about the quality of the jewelry or are interested in custom orders please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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