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Safe Piercing

Welcome to Golden Horseshoe Tattoo

Opened in 2005 in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario. Niagara’s Golden Horseshoe Tattoo has always put art first and we offer one of a kind tattoos drawn for you by our staff.  Golden Horseshoe Tattoo has won multiple Niagara Region awards for best tattoo studio, best tattoo artists and best piercing.  We take immense pride in being located in the Niagara Region so much so we named our studio after the part of Southern Ontario in which we are located.

At Golden Horseshoe Tattoo & Piercing in Niagara, we take pride in our studio and our services. Health and Safety is first and foremost. We are inspected 3 times a year by Niagara Region Health Department and work closely with them to offer the newest in sterilization and safety procedures. All of our tattooing services are done with single use/pre-sterile disposable tubes and needles. The piercing services at this studio are done to the highest possible standards. All of our jewelry is IMPLANT GRADE metal from North American companies, all of which provide us with Metal Certificates to validate the quality of their jewelry. The products that we use to disinfect are all environmentally-friendly. This means they disinfect the surfaces and our equipment, up to and above Health Standards, but do not harm the planet.

We are always improving our studio and standards to keep up to date with what is new in our industry. We work with our local health board to ensure that we offer the best services and cleanest possible environment for our clients. We also expand our skills and knowledge by attending tattoo conventions, seminars and training courses; as well as networking with other tattoo artists and piercers through guest spots. Finally we sum this up by saying… QUALITY OVER QUANTITY FOR YOUR BODY. We will always offer you the best services we can.

What's New?
Thank you Darryl

After over 5 years Darryl has decided to move on and out of Ontario. Darryl is moving out to the East Coast and will be tattooing at High Tides Tattoo. He will be coming back occasionally for guest spots. His remaining time is full and … Continue reading Thank you Darryl